Good Morning 4-22-19

Potential. That is a word filled with promise. It’s what we hear from the teacher of the child who seems to daydream in class. “He has so much potential!” It’s what we hear from the high school coach who looks at a young athlete on the court and says, “She has the potential to be Division I.” Even in the work world the high potential employee is the one who is innovative, smart, eager to learn. He or she is tagged a “High Po,” someone destined for the corner office and the board room. Potential is the dream of every … Continue reading Good Morning 4-22-19

Good Morning 4-21-19

Ripped from this morning’s headlines: “Sri Lanka blasts: At least 140 dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions.” A series of coordinated attacks disrupted an Easter Sunday morning on this island state off the coast of India. Hospitals are flooded and the entire country is on lock-down. How did we get here and what is our response? Where is God in all of this? Where is his outrage, his righteous anger at those who might perpetrate such a horrific act? Abraham Joshua Heschel, Polish born American rabbi and arguably the greatest Jewish theologian and philosopher … Continue reading Good Morning 4-21-19

Good Morning 4-19-19

Levi Welton’s parents had recently moved from Berkeley, CA, where they had raised him to a new place in Sacramento. Shortly after the move, Levi and his wife, who had relocated to New York after they were married, decided to fly out to see his parents in their new place. On Sabbath morning, Levi accompanied his father to the local shul to pray. After the morning prayers, there was a kiddush lunch served in honor of a local girl who celebrated her bat mitzvah that morning. At his father’s insistence, Levi stayed to meet the locals. One man in particular … Continue reading Good Morning 4-19-19

Good Morning 4-18-19

Steve gets all the sports updates on his phone and so keeps pretty close track of what’s happening in that world. Yesterday he commented on the contracts being signed by some athletes, both those who are jumping ship from one team to another and those college athletes who have been highly recruited and are being signed on to play professional sports. He was flabbergasted at the size of the contracts being signed. For example, LA Angels outfielder Mike Trout recently reached a record-breaking deal to extend his contract for $430 million. It’s a 12-year contract that comes weeks after Bryce … Continue reading Good Morning 4-18-19

Good Morning 4-17-19

The first real sign of spring came yesterday. We hit 65 degrees. What a joy! Sure the smell of spring was in the air early last week. We saw grass, dead as it may have appeared, but that was before another blast of winter and 6 inches of snow. Today, the snow is well receded into just a few piles. Yesterday’s warm sun was a sign of promise. So too is the predicted rain (of the unfrozen variety) today and more temps in the high 50’s and 60’s over the next week. More than just a whisper of spring. This … Continue reading Good Morning 4-17-19

Good Morning 4-16-19

It was an important basketball game. The lead had jockeyed back and forth between the two rivals as one team pulled ahead only for the other team to rally and take the lead again. The closing seconds had arrived and the team in possession called a final timeout. In the huddle, the coach outlined the play. He turned to Jack who was just a sophomore and said, “They’ve been all over our top shooters. They will never suspect that you are taking the winning shot. I have confidence in you.” The team called break and Jack’s team mate took the … Continue reading Good Morning 4-16-19

Good Morning 4-15-19

I am the queen of procrastination. No, really I am. I wait to do the taxes until the last possible moment (just got those finished up on Friday) and I did more than my share of cramming while in college. As much as I enjoy a clean house, I procrastinate on housework until there is much more to do than if I just kept up with it each day. It was (is) all because I don’t like doing what I perceive as unpleasant tasks. Of course, when you put off an unpleasant task, you really just make the last minute … Continue reading Good Morning 4-15-19

Good Morning 4-14-19

What is freedom? Depending on where you live in this world or what your experiences are, you will answer the question differently. For some freedom is viewed as a physical thing. There are still people who live in bondage of one sort or another, or they live in a society where they are unable to move about freely, to behave and act as others do. We dare not think that slavery no longer exists. For people living under oppressive regimes or in dark corners of the world where people buy and sell other people for profit, freedom is an impossibility. … Continue reading Good Morning 4-14-19

Good Morning 4-13-19

Those of us living in America could be likened to one who has been born on third base and mistakenly thinks he hit a triple to get there. In actuality, we are simply the product of our extreme fortune to have been born in a country that other people are risking their lives to get to. People in other parts of the world know that if they can just reach our shores, make it across our border, their lives will be exponentially better, their chance of achieving some level of success will increase dramatically. I heard a man named Michael … Continue reading Good Morning 4-13-19

Good Morning 4-12-19

The last two portions of Torah, Tazria and Metzora, that we’ve covered here have been concerned with tzara’at which is commonly referred to as leprosy. The passages in Leviticus explain in rather excruciating detail what is required of the person displaying such lesions. Appear to the priest for examination. Wait seven days in isolation to see if it will abate and then back to the priest. How we might know that what is being described is not solely a physical ailment of the human body is found in this week’s parashah where we learn that the lesions can appear as … Continue reading Good Morning 4-12-19